this carrd looks bad on mobile, oops!

hi, my name is memphis! i'm a 21 year old bi trans guy.

i draw, i make costumes, collect halloween decor, make puppets, design ocs/fictional worlds and some other stuff too probably.

dm me on twitter for commissions or trades!

the best way to get into contact with me is through my main twitter @crabbable.



☺ pokemon
(♥ Black and white)

☻ mother series
(♥ mother 3)

☺ splatoon
☻ shovel knight
☺ tetris
☻ punch-out wii
☺ rhythm heaven
☻ Silent hill
☺ Animal crossing
☻ undertale + deltarune
☺ borderlands
☻ minecraft
☺ yume nukki
☻ toontown
☺ tamagotchi

📺TV & MOVies📺

☻ edd ed & eddy
☺ gargoyles
☻ moomins
☺ hereditary
☻ us
☺ the vvitch
☻ beetlejuice
☺ coraline
☻ midsommar
☺ the blair witch project
☻ the good place


☺ ♥♥♥King gizzard and the lizard wizard♥♥♥
☻ oingo boingo
☺ electric light orchestra
☻ lemon demon
☺ nine inch nails
☻ marcy playground
☺ radiohead
☻ my chemical romance
☺ jack stauber
☻ grizzly bear
☺ mgmt
☻ gorillaz
☺ throbbing gristle
☻ nelward


☻ drawing
☺ FURSUIT making
☻ reptiles
☺ horror
☻ vinesauce
☺ jerma
☻ wham city
☺ alantutorial
☻ daisy brown


• you're a terf/truscum/altright/nazi/apologist or anything related

• you're a ddlg/pedo/zoo/incest/noncon/apologist or anything related

• you're into nsfw gore/eroguro. i know this is weird just stay away pls


• i don't typically post nsfw content, but most of my accounts are 18+. i make nsfw jokes and may mention other sensitive subjects.

• i post about different stuff all the time, expect my content to change regularly.

• please don't use reclaimed slurs on me (this includes q***r)
• if i follow someone Bad please let me know!

FOR twitter followers:

• i don't follow nsfw accounts back. i don't softblock or whatever i just won't follow you back
• please ask before retweeting a post that seems personal
• requests to follow my private account are okay!

wuh woh you found my secret kin page


robot, monster

robotkin, monsterkin


inkling boy, king knight, gemini man, guzma

inkling boy, king knight, gemini man, guzma

i'm not actively a kin person but these characters still deeply resonate with me to the point that if i was asked to describe myself w/ a fictional character i'd choose these dummies. does that count as kinning? whatever

comfort characters

my kintypes above are all also comfort characters i love them

robot, monster

top row: archie, colress, nanu
bottom row: shovel knight, shield knight, star man
i have more comfort characters but to add pictures to carrd i have to make like a whole collage and that is just too irritating to handle.