hi, my name is memphis. i'm a trans guy. i'm 20 and i'm bi. i also might have adhd i dunno yet

i draw, i make costumes, collect halloween decor, make puppets, and get weird about fictional men. i also write and develop a lot of ocs and fictional world concepts.

i do commissions! check out my art twitter @kaijuinu

the best way to get into contact with me is through my main twitter @crabbable.

i have a pet pinstripe ball python named BOWSER!! she is my baby!
i got her july 26th 2018. she was born february 2018.



☺ pokemon
(♥ Black and white)

☻ mother series
(♥ mother 3)

☺ splatoon
☻ shovel knight
☺ tetris
☻ punch-out wii
☺ rhythm heaven
☻ Silent hill
☺ Animal crossing
☻ undertale
☺ borderlands
☻ red dead redemption
☺ yume nukki
☻ toontown
☺ tamagotchi

📺TV & MOVies📺

☺ gargoyles
☻ moomins
☺ into the spiderverse
☻ hereditary
☺ us
☻ the vvitch
☺ the babadook
☻ beetlejuice
☺ coraline
☻ iron giant
☺ the blair witch project


☺ King gizzard and the lizard wizard
(♥murder of the universe, polygondwanaland, infest the rat's nest)

☻ lemon demon
☺ electric light orchestra
☻ oingo boingo
☺ nine inch nails
☻ marcy playground
☺ radiohead
☻ glass animals
☺ jack stauber
☻ grizzly bear
☺ mgmt
☻ gorillaz


☻ reptiles
☺ horror
☻ vinesauce
☺ alantutorial
☻ daisy brown
☺ petscop
☻ wham city comedy


• you're a terf/transphobe/truscum/altright/nazi or anything related

• you're a ddlg/pedo/zoo/incest/noncon/apologist or anything related


• i am an adult. i do not want prolonged conversations with minors. i won't follow you or befriend you if you're a minor. short chit chat is okay, like small questions or comments.

• i don't typically post nsfw content on main, but my accounts are all 18+. i make nsfw jokes and may mention nsfw/sensitive subjects.

• i post about different stuff all the time, expect my content to change regularly.

FOR twitter followers:

• i don't follow nsfw accounts back. i don't softblock or whatever i just won't follow you back
• please don't rt personal posts (if you're confused just reply and ask if you can or not)
• you can request to follow my personal blog if you want

FOR tumblr followers:

• my main is an aesthetic blog and i'll be following you back from there. i've had my accounts since like 2014 so sorry if there's some shit on there

• i have about 1 million sideblogs that i use so dm me if you want to see them cause it would be annoying to list them all here


• i'm not gonna bother with you if your married characters are underage or otherwise shitty. i will ignore you. sorry

disclaimer: i don't take this shit too seriously. i'm having fun with identity and the things that make me happy



robot, monster

robotkin, monsterkin


inkling boy, king knight, gemini man, guzma

inkling boy, king knight, gemini man, guzma

comfort characters

my kintypes above are all also comfort characters

robot, monster

top row: archie, colress, nanu
bottom row: shovel knight, shield knight, star man